Calligraphy Pricing Guide


Please note that the following prices for calligraphy services are a starting point only, as each custom project will vary. These prices are valid as of January 2019.

 Someday Art Co is located in Montreal, Canada, so please also consider that these prices are in Canadian Dollars. Applicable taxes not included.


On-Site Calligraphy or Live DRAWING

Brand Events & On-Site Personalization

Hourly Rate

$100.00 - $150.00 per hour

Rate will depend on details of the event & work involved. Materials and Travel are Extra.



*Cost of paper or alternative surface not included, Additional costs may apply for coloured paper, metallic ink or alternative surfaces/sizes.


Starting at $2.00 each

Escort Cards

Starting at $3.00 each

Table Numbers

Starting at $5.50 each for numerals | $7.50 each for numbers written as words 


Seating Charts

*Deconstructed Seating Charts Only. Cost of surface not included. Seating Charts can be done on Paper or Acrylic.

Base Fee for Design & Layout starting at $150
Names aligned to the Center, in Calligraphy - $2.00 Per Guest (For Deconstructed Seating Charts, names will always be centered and in calligraphy unless otherwise specified)
Table Numbers as Numerals (1, 2, 3) - $2.00 Per Table
Table Numbers in “Table 1” or “Table One” format - $2.50 Per Table
* Add $0.25 per guest for formal titles (Mr, Mrs, etc)


Envelope Addressing

* Cost of envelopes & liners not included

Standard Size, Black or White Ink - $4.95 per
Standard Size, Coloured or Metallic Ink - $5.25 per
Non-Standard Size, Starting at $6 per
Centered Addressing - $1.75 extra per

*A standard envelope is A7 size, and 4 lines long (Recipient, street address, city/province or city/state, and postal code/zip code - $1 charge applies for extra lines such as country or apartment number)

Return Address Writing (Couple’s return address on Back Flap) - $4.00 each

Return Envelope Addressing (for guest to send back) - $3.50  - $4.00 each, depending on style, size & colour


Shipping, Travel & Rush Fees

International Orders are subject to additional fees for Shipping.

Local Orders requiring On-Site work are subject to a Travel Fee.

Any Custom Order placed with one week or less required turnaround time will incur a rush fee of 25% of the project’s total cost.