Someday Art Co’s List of Life-Saving Business Tools

A comprehensive & detailed list of all of my favourite tools, programs and educational resources for running a creative solo business. I have personally used each and every item on this list, and I am sharing them with you because they have changed my life for the better.

Client Management

HoneyBook | If you’re starting to take on clients & you need a system in place to make your life at least 1000 times easier, you need a Client Management System. From giving you the power to automate your emails & client onboarding process, to allowing clients to sign contracts digitally and pay you with a single click, it is just such a game-changer. I’ve literally mentally blocked out whatever I was doing before. As a part of the HoneyBook Educator Program, I get to give you guys a pretty fabulous 50% discount when you sign up!

Social media

Plann or Planoly | Having a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed & Social Media presence is not overrated! Planning your posts in advance will help you stay consistent with your brand aesthetic and take the stress out of posting!


Pinterest & Tailwind | Believe it or not - I’m putting Pinterest in this category, instead of in Social Media! Why? Because Pinterest is actually a Search Engine. It’s exactly like Google, but with a much smaller pool of competitors, a way more targeted audience and an ideal platform for anyone working in a creative market. If you’re not using Pinterest strategically for business, I’m going to need you to head over to their scheduling app Tailwind ASAP and get to work!

Creative Market | This is one of the best places to shop for fonts, templates and other visual elements that will really make your content stand out. They're not free, but they are fabulous, and everything is created by independent artists. Resources come in a variety of different price points, with commercial licensing options available as well.

content creation

personal finance

Investing Foundations for Canadians | Yes, thinking about personal finance can be scary - especially if you are self-employed. Unfortunately, it’s especially important for us freelancers to have a solid handle on our personal finances and a concrete plan of action for our futures - because there is no accounting department to do that for us! I recently took a big step in the right direction and learned everything I could about investing, and I highly recommend taking this course if you’re looking to take control of your financial future - it’s never too late!