The Successful Signage Masterclass - Online

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The Successful Signage Masterclass - Online

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So, you’ve got the lettering skills (or at least you’re working on them!) and are starting to think about taking things to the next level.

If you’re like me when I was first starting my calligraphy signage business, there’s a lot of googling happening (“What marker do I use for X?” “How do I do calligraphy on this crazy surface a bride has given me?” “How much do I charge for a seating chart?” Etc.). It’s so exciting to think about actual people wanting to give you actual money to create something for them (!) but it can also be SO overwhelming when you’re first starting out. With so many tutorials, blogs, ad how-to articles out there - it’s difficult to know where to even begin.

Calligraphy wedding signage has exploded over the past couple of years, and those gorgeous chalkboard welcome signs and stunning mirror seating charts are all over Instagram and Pinterest. You want to be able to transfer your calligraphy skills to mirrors, acrylic, wood and more - but what supplies should you be using? What do you need to know about these tricky surfaces (which are all so different from each other) before embarking on a signage project that a customer is trusting you with? What should you be charging for those services? How do you even create an invoice? What are this?*

Time for a wee bit of TMI:

When I started my calligraphy business as a side hustle, I was working at a design job that was making me completely miserable. I literally cried on my way to work and on my way home almost every day. I even ended up switching from full time to part time because I was so depressed and couldn't deal. In my spare time, I was doing a LOT of experimenting with a variety of different styles, surfaces and projects and throwing my work out into the universe, hoping that something would stick. I got a few jobs mainly through friends in the beginning, and slowly started to build a network of event planners and other people in the event industry and more work started trickling in. I left my job after a while to pursue calligraphy & art full time - realistically, probably a little too soon (but it was the right thing to do for my mental health) - and I was thrown into the wedding & event industry without a relative clue.

The successful business I have now is built on a fairly embarrassing amount of trial and error (mostly error). Things have worked out, but I do wish I could go back in time and teach myself all that I know now, sooner.

I came up with the idea to make this course after dealing with all of that confusion and overwhelm in the beginning, in the hopes that I can help someone else skip over all that mystery and get to the really good stuff - creating work you love for people who value it!

Not only will you learn the best supplies & processes for creating beautiful signage, you’ll find out how to break into your local event industry & what to charge once the clients start coming in. All of that business lady stuff is so hard to figure out, and while I do think girlbosses everywhere are getting more vocal about it, pricing and business practices are still a bit of a grey area for a lot of people. By the way, pricing your work is something I feel EXTRA passionate about and get extra sassy about. So get ready to hear some real numbers that may surprise you (in a good way!).

This course is basically everything I wish that I knew when I started my calligraphy business, but had to learn hard way. I wanted to make it as easy as possible for other creatives to get their calligraphy businesses off the ground, after everything I went through to make my own business a success!

*Jenna Marbles, anyone?

So, what exactly will you learn?

  • Everything you need to have in your Supply Inventory & On-Site Kit for wedding & event signage.

  • How to do Monoline, Calligraphy & Sans Serif Lettering on Mirrors, Glass, Chalkboard, Wood, and more (which will be taught via a combo of workbooks & videos).

  • How to set up seating charts & other large scale signage.

  • How to break into your local wedding industry, carve out a niche for yourself and build strong relationships with other industry professionals.

  • How to price your work while also helping to elevate your community & knowing your value (#communityovercompetition, babes).

  • How to be a badass girl boss and put processes into place that ensure your invoices are paid in a timely fashion, and that nobody takes advantage of you. I have dealt with many a sticky situation and I finally have procedures in place to protect myself, and I WISH I had put them into action sooner!

A little something extra

If you need a little extra help or a creative pep talk, there is also an option to add a little virtual coaching sesh with me to the class (a one hour call & a personalized tutorial on whatever you need the most help with). If you opt for that, I would encourage that you note down any questions you may have while working your way through the course, so when we work together, we have specific issues to target!

Important Note: Students must have access to a device that can make video calls. Students must also be okay with the fact that there is a high chance I will be wearing pajamas and possibly drinking wine. You are welcome (/encouraged) to do the same.

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