Business Babe - Pricing & Practices for Calligraphers & Creatives

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Business Babe - Pricing & Practices for Calligraphers & Creatives

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So, you’ve got a few calligraphy jobs under your belt and you're ready to start charging for your services. A prospective client comes to you asking for a quote - do you confidently send off an estimate or do you agonize over it for hours? Do you have a contract, an invoicing routine and a set of policies in place or do you do the work and just kind of hope they actually pay you eventually? Do you feel good about the money you've made on the projects you've done, or were you left feeling like maybe you ripped yourself off? (We've all been there!)

If you found yourself tilting your head to the side and nervously refilling your glass of wine during that paragraph, then I think you've come to the right place.

Being a freelance creative is fantastic in that you get to set your own schedule, do what you love for a living, and wear your pajamas to work if you want. But it can also be lonely and overwhelming, and there is no standard for a lot of important subjects - like pricing. The problem we face as lettering artists & creatives in general is that money is sort of awkward to talk about - and by not talking about it, it becomes shrouded in mystery. 

Pricing is something that I get extra fired up about, because artists (especially female artists) are regularly undervalued, under-appreciated and taken advantage of. Fortunately, more and more creatives are speaking out about owning their worth and charging accordingly (Check out James L. Lewis' "Our Time Has Value" Campaign for one amazing example!). This movement is super important to me, as someone who has done way too much work either for free or very little pay because I thought that's just what you have to do an artist. But guess what, it's 2018 and the whole "Starving Artist" thing is cancelled.

This course came to be because I wanted to create the resource that I never had. I wish this kind of information and guidance had existed when I was first starting out.

If it had, I certainly would have made a lot more money and avoided a ton of unpleasant and stressful situations (Having to wait months for payment, having my artwork used without my permission, doing work for a fraction of what it was worth, etc!) I had to rely mainly on asking the only other calligrapher I knew for her opinion, while trying not to be too annoying (I even went my entire first wedding season way undercharging because I was scared to ask her about her pricing!).

So, what exactly will you learn?

  • All about a little something I like to call “Structured Pricing” and why it’s go my Go-To instead of Hourly Pricing.

  • How to break into your local wedding & event industry, carve out a niche for yourself (super important in more saturated markets) and build strong relationships with other industry professionals

  • Why undercutting your competitors is a big ol’ No, and how to elevate your community instead.

  • A cute worksheet to help you determine what products & services you should be offering

  • A long winded tale about how dramatically I have changed the way that I work since I first started my business (and a little bit of insight into how I tripled my income from this time last year to now #nobrag …. #okayalittlebitofabrag)

  • All about essential business practices like how to put together a quote, how to invoice, what you should be putting in your contract, what kind of policies you should have in place, etc.

  • My actual prices and how I determine pricing for a variety of different projects

  • How to be confident in your worth, know what to charge and how to ask for it!

A little something extra

If you need a little extra help putting together a pricing structure or just want an extra long creative pep talk, there is also an option to add a little virtual coaching sesh with me to the class (a one hour call & a personalized tutorial on whatever you need the most help with). If you opt for that, I would encourage that you note down any questions you may have while working your way through the course, so when we work together, we have specific issues to target!

Important Note: Students must have access to a device that can make video calls. Students must also be okay with the fact that there is a high chance I will be wearing pajamas and possibly drinking wine. You are welcome (/encouraged) to do the same.

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