place cards & paper seating charts

Also known as: How to make your guests feel super special & loved. A hand-lettered place card makes for a beautiful keepsake, and a seating chart written out by hand will seriously stop your guests in their tracks. These special details are among my favourite projects to work on, and can be heavily customized to match perfectly with your aesthetic (FYI, I am all about the aesthetic!)



What better way to communicate your message than with beautifully crafted letters that catch the eye of your target audience instantly. From editorial, stylized lettering to modern & commercial (read:legible!) calligraphy work, let’s create visuals that will attract your dream clients from a mile away.


custom calligraphy

For Corporate Events & Weddings

Live Calligraphy for Brands

If you are looking for a way to captivate new customers or spoil your long-time clients, offering them personalized calligraphy on your products or packaging is a perfect way to do so. Every time I work on-site, I am amazed by how many people stop in their tracks to watch the calligraphy process. People love to watch artists create, and it is even more special when the artist is creating something especially for them, right before their eyes.



In 2019, most of us only get the kind of mail we don’t actually want to open - bills, and useless promotional flyers (okay, the ones that give discounts on McNuggets are not useless). So in this day and age, when you send out an invitation in the mail, you’re sending something really special. Having your guests’ addresses written out beautifully in calligraphy is the perfect compliment to this act - you’re basically guaranteed to make that person’s day when they open their mailbox!


Art & Lettering Collections available for commercial licensing here.


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