Good things come to those who don't wait

This week’s #homwork was to recreate an old piece of artwork, which was particularly exciting for me because I’ve been meaning to re-do this particular piece for years. 

Left: October 2010  Right: January 2018

Recently, I took a page from the book of two of my favourite artists/aesthetic icons, Lauren Hom of Hom Sweet Hom & Stefan Kunz, and painted a chalk wall in my new “big-girl-pants” apartment. I’ve been agonizing over what to put on it for weeks, and then this assignment was sent out by @homsweethom last week, and it clicked that this would be the perfect way to give this piece new life. It's funny because I don't think the new version is necessarily better (well, typography wise, yes! drawing wise not so much!) but it is different, and reflective of two very different stages in my life. 

I did the original “Good things come to those who don’t wait” drawing back in October 2010, in my dark, damp basement apartment that I shared with two roommates (it was my first apartment ever and man, was it ever gross). I was re-watching Six Feet Under on DVD for the millionth time - we didn’t have cable and I hadn’t discovered Netflix yet - so I was in a very “I could get hit by a bus or lightning and die at any moment” mindset. And this drawing is just what came out. A few weeks later, I went through a breakup with one the most important people in my life (first of many breakups with him, actually). I was feeling a unique combination of searing heartache and a kind of strange, rebellious inspiration. So naturally, I went out and got a tattoo of the words “Don’t Wait”, complete with skull imagery, as any self respecting 21 year old tortured artist does in reaction to a broken heart.

(We got back together 2 weeks later, but that’s a story for another time).

It felt like a solid philosophy at the time - to be one of those people who goes out and takes what they want out of life. But it would be a long time before I actually acted on this whole “not waiting” thing in a meaningful way. I worked at a string of jobs that I would eventually grow to hate, one after the other making me more and more depressed, for years. I only really lived up to my basement-dwelling, 21 year old self’s idealism when I made the (financially foolish and generally insane) decision to be a full time artist, in August 2016. I stopped waiting for someone to hire me to do my dream job, and I created it myself. And though it has not been easy, things have been pretty fucking good ever since.

Don’t get me wrong though - the original saying “Good things come to those who wait” is often spot on. I don’t want to shit-talk that saying. There is something to be said for being patient and there are many, many things in life that are absolutely worth waiting for. Just don’t cheat yourself out of having the life you’ve always dreamed of because you’re scared to act. I also feel strongly that this type of philosophy or whatever it is, applies differently to everyone. The experience I just talked about with “taking a leap” happens to be career-related. But really all I’m saying is that life is short, you get one fragile little body and soul, and you should do what’s best for it, always, and without hesitation. If you’re tired or overwhelmed, rest. If you need help, ask for it (!). If you love someone, tell them (trust me on this one). If you want that last cupcake, or another glass of wine, take the damn thing and enjoy it. And yes, if your job makes you want to drive into oncoming traffic every day on your way there - get the fuck out of there as soon as you can! ;)