Wine & Candle-Making Workshop in Montreal

If you follow me on Instagram or know me in real life, you know that I really love staying home. I love a full, matching flannel pajama set and I cannot think of anywhere I would rather be than wrapped in the four arms of my 60 pound lapdog, Teddy. So the fact that I left my house - I repeat: I, Jodi Tellier, Professional Art Hermit & Netflix-Binge-Watcher left my house on a Tuesday night - is pretty significant, and what I’m about to tell you about is something pretty damn special.

What could get me out of my canine-cuddling cocoon and out into the world, you ask?


(…Are you surprised?)

Actually, it was a combination of wine, candles, and the fact that my friends Tricia & Cindy at T.Lees have created an absolutely beautiful space with their new boutique, that I am more than happy to spend time in (the fact that it’s full of plants like my house, coupled with the fact that I got to drink wine the whole time, certainly helped me feel at home). Their gorgeous, Pinterest-worthy shop opened recently in my old neighbourhood (#southbest) but T.Lees has actually been in business for a few years now, making my favourite candles and being my go-to source for Christmas & birthday gifts that are a little extra special and unique. So when I heard they were hosting a wine-tasting and candle-making workshop - hence combining my love of wine and scented candles (am I basic? I don’t even care) - I just had to be there.


The workshop consisted of two parts: Part 1 was a wine-tasting led by the ridiculously well-spoken, annoyingly gorgeous and extremely well-dressed Maude Gendron (I coveted her jumpsuit).

She led us through a tasting featuring a selection of organic wines, and encouraged us to talk about what kinds of smells & tastes we could identify, as well as take notes about each one. We tried two white wines (the first was German, the second Austrian) and two reds (one from France and the other from Italy) and finished the evening with a glass of Cava (from Spain obviously - and side note, it came in the prettiest bottle).


In Part 2, my friend, fellow girlboss and partner-in-wine Tricia showed us how to mix our own custom scent, and then we learned how to make our very own candle! (And yes, I called mine “Hot Mess” - appropriate, no?) The fragrance is a mix of leather, smoke, and linden flower and I think it’s pretty fabulous.

This was a much more science-y process than I ever would have imagined and I have a whole new appreciation for the candle-making process! It was super interesting to see how much goes into it, and how much time and experimentation it must take to get the perfect combination of scents.

While we waited for our candles to go from piping hot liquid in a jar to gorgeous little home decor item, we had the opportunity to socialize and check out all the treasures in the main boutique.

All in all, this workshop was a wonderful, productive and enriching way to spend an evening and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a relaxing and fun evening out of their pajamas! Head on over to the T.Lees website to sign up for their newsletter and be notified when the next workshops are posted!

Disclaimer: Nothing in this post is sponsored, I just loved this workshop and wanted to share the experience with you darlings!