The Someday Art Babe Challenge

Okay so, I know I started this whole Someday Art Club thing, got everyone all excited and then DISAPPEARED from the face of the earth. The Wedding Season rush of August and September pretty much consumed my life - but now that it’s almost October and I have some pumpkin-spice flavoured caffeine coursing through my veins, it’s time to get back on track!

So, in order to do that, I am launching an Instagram Lettering Challenge! Partially inspired by #Inktober, and partially inspired by my old calligraphy practice sheets that I came across while packing for my recent move - I came up with the Art Babe Challenge, aka The Someday ABC’s - a weekly lettering practice challenge meant for both beginners & experienced artists alike!

I’M EXCITED. I hope you are too.

Calligraphy Practice; November 2015

Calligraphy Practice; November 2015

Calligraphy Practice; September 2018

Calligraphy Practice; September 2018

A little back-story for you: When I first learned calligraphy, my teacher (the wonderful and amazing Joy Deneen) would have us do this great exercise to practice words. You pick a Category (So for example - Cities) and you fill an entire page with an alphabetical list of cities, with one for every letter of the alphabet (So like - Athens, Barcelona, Chicago, and so on). Despite my earlier mention of pumpskin spice, I’m not exactly the most basic person, so I would get REALLY specific when doing my Alphabets…. As you can see by the alphabetical list of Lana Del Rey song titles (at one point I even did Quentin Tarantino movie characters). As much as practicing things like days of the week, colours, and individual letters, is fun and very useful - there’s something about getting weirdly specific about things you’re SUPER into that makes practice just that much more enjoyable (which means you’re that much more likely to actually do it!). Not only is practicing words that make you happy a fabulous self-care exercise, it allows you to truly enjoy taking the time to practice your craft & develop your own unique style.

Since I’ve been so crazy busy working on seating charts & other wedding signage since May, there are two things I’ve been MAJORLY missing in my life - actually practicing calligraphy, and doing calligraphy for FUN. This challenge is going to force me (and hopefully you) to do BOTH. 

SO, here’s how it works:

1. Sign up here:

2. Check your email! I will send out a new Alphabet Category every week, for 4 weeks, starting on October 3rd*. Your challenge is to use that prompt to practice your calligraphy/lettering by writing a word for every letter of the alphabet. So for example - one week, I might tell you to pick a favourite musician, and letter their song titles in Alphabetical order. You would end up with something like this:


You can use any medium and tool you want! Nib and Ink, Brush Pen, Paintbrush, Pen, iPad/Apple Pencil - whatever you’re most comfortable with!

3. Share your work on Instagram! Use the hashtag #SomedayABC and TAG me in it so I can see your work! (I will be reposting my favourite pieces in my stories!) This is a great way to hold yourself accountable for your practice AND see who else is into the same oddly specific things that you’re into! (Like, you know, semi-obscure movie references)



4. That’s pretty much it! Enjoy the process, see your work improve and help encourage others along the way by engaging with their work! Also, hang on to the Alphabet practice pages that you do during these 4 weeks, and try doing them again a few months from now to see how your skills improve and how your style evolves! My teacher encouraged us to keep all of our practice sheets, and I’m so glad that I did since it allows me to look back at how far I’ve come and feel good about the difference that practice and experience has made.

I’ll be sending out 4 different prompts, which will be a surprise until the day they go out, so get excited! Also…I’m not saying there are going to be giveaways and freebies, but I’m not NOT saying that, either ;) So pull up a chair and your favourite autumnal beverage, and let’s get after it!



From Left to Right - Lana Del Rey Song Title Alphabet done in 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018

From Left to Right - Lana Del Rey Song Title Alphabet done in 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018