someday art co | fine-art calligraphy, illustration & education | established 2015

Hello Darling!

I’m Jodi and I am the Artist, Dog Mom & Red Wine Enthusiast behind this One-Woman Operation. I started Someday Art Co out of the purely selfish need to create every day, and my desperate desire to someday leave my soul-crushing job. Over the past few years, what started as my life-saving creative outlet has grown into my own brand that I am proud to call my full-time art business.

Now, I provide calligraphy and illustration for people & businesses who value individuality, quality & artistry. I have a modern, fine-art calligraphy style and specialize in highly detailed, intricate illustration work. I put my heart into every project I take on, and pride myself on creating unique, beautiful artwork for clients who care about their aesthetic as much as I do. I am also passionate about teaching calligraphy, and educating my fellow creatives on how to turn their creative passions into badass businesses.



a few of my favourite things


Romeo & Juliet • The Great Gatsby • Titanic (I really love Leonardo DiCaprio, clearly) & Inglourious Basterds (actually basically all Quentin Tarantino)


Harry Potter (Forever), most of Chuck Palahniuk’s books, but “Invisible Monsters” in particular, and Party Monster

music on repeat:

The Strokes (I named this biz after their song ‘Someday’!) • Lana Del Rey • And a whole lot of 1990’s Alternative


Red Wine - Preferably a Cabernet Sauvignon or anything full-bodied. But I do love a Sauvignon Blanc in the Spring & Summer. And also Bubbly on Fridays ;)

while i work:

I pretty much always have either a True Crime documentary or podcast playing in the background (MFM is my fave!)

favourite food:

Italian cuisine, but generally only if it’s cooked by my boyfriend’s Nonna. Also anything deep-fried.


favourite ANIMAL:

Dog, obviously!

I have always been a dedicated Dog Person. I am super lucky and seem to meet dogs everywhere I go, even in the most unexpected places - when working on-site at all kinds of locations including high end boutiques and wedding venues, when travelling, shopping, etc. I’m basically a dog magnet, and it’s the best.

My favourite dog, of course, is this sweet baby angel - my rescue dog & partner in crime, Teddy.



As you can see, I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pencil! Every notebook I ever had in school was always covered in drawings. I was always going to be an artist, that was never really a question. But the road I took to get here wasn’t simple or straightforward - there have been a lot of bumps and curves along the way. I’ve always been somewhere in between an Illustrator and a Fine Artist - which meant I never felt like my work belonged anywhere in particular, and I struggled to find a creative job that I was passionate about. So, I decided to create my dream job instead, and here we are.


education & experience

La Palette Art School
I was incredibly lucky to have been enrolled in a weekly art class at a young age, and studied under renowned Watercolour Artist Renate Heidersdorf from 1998 to 2006. I learned so much from her, but most importantly I learned that there’s no such thing as perfection, that staying true to yourself and your own style is essential, and to use my “Artistic License” (which basically means, do whatever you want, it’s your art! I teach this to all my students now!). I also discovered my love for Chicken Nuggets during this time, because my mom would always take me for a Happy Meal on my way home from art class.

High School Theatre Program
So yes, I was a Teenage Theatre Nerd. This is probably obvious, but I wasn’t exactly one of the “cool kids” in high school. I was artsy and weird, so my school’s Theatre Program was the perfect place for me to embrace what made me different instead of trying to fit in.I worked mainly on costume design, and was also tasked with anything requiring painting or drawing of any kind. It was by far the most enjoyable part of high school for me (okay possibly the only enjoyable part…other than discovering boys).

Dawson College
After high school, I was accepted into Dawson College’s competitive Illustration & Design Program. However, after three gruelling semesters, I switched into a more lighthearted program - Visual Arts - for the sake of my mental health. I firmly believe this was one of the best life choices I’ve made, and strongly advocate prioritizing mental health and listening to your gut instinct. (This was just the right choice for me, I know others who stuck with this program and came out on top). I graduated in 2009 with a Diploma in Visual Arts. Thanks to this experience, I have developed a teaching style that encourages my students to embrace their imperfections, their individuality - and most of all, to be kind to themselves.

Concordia University
After taking some time off to work and create, I took a year of Painting & Drawing courses to strengthen my technical skills and expand my portfolio. During this time, I hosted multiple group art shows and started a local Drink & Draw night for my fellow students and other creatives.

I learned a lot in school, sure, but traveling to Europe had an impact on my creative soul that is hard to compare with. The architecture, art history and culture of cities like Florence, Barcelona, London and Paris have enriched my life in ways I truly can’t even describe. A dream project would be to lead a Creative Retreat to any one of those cities, and provide others with the opportunity to explore and grow creatively.

Work Experience: Customer Service, Makeup Artistry & Graphic Design
Before I started Someday, I dabbled in a few different creative (and not so creative) fields. When I worked as a Makeup Artist in a retail setting, I realized that I am a terrible salesperson, and that I value honesty, authenticity and artistry much more than a quick commission. Working in a Customer Service call centre taught me that basically nothing is as big of a deal as we think it is, and just being able to chill the fuck out about everything is a superpower. And finally, working for a small company as a Graphic Designer taught me that small details matter, and that aesthetics are only as powerful as the value of the message behind them.


selected Clients

Parfums Christian Dior | Chanel | Glenfiddich | Chandon | Aston Martin | Lolë | David’s Tea | L’Oréal | Pandora | Urban Outfitters | Lululemon | MFLEURS | Loft Nail Bar | David Yurman | Rustique Pie Kitchen | Guess | Marciano | Beauty Boutique by Shoppers Drug Mart | Urban Bonfire